Come inside to explore the ecosystems of Bear Cut Preserve without getting wet!

Saltwater Aquariums

Be mesmerized by moon jellyfish floating through the water, search for the dainty, camouflaged seahorses and watch bright, tropical fish dart across the corals. We invite you to see our saltwater aquarium tanks that display the most strikingly beautiful fish and corals found here in South Florida.

Mangrove Aquarium

Our indoor mangrove exhibit is a recreation of the extremely important mangrove habitat, teeming with vibrant angelfish, pufferfish, wrasses, mollusks, and crustaceans.

Touch Tank

Have you ever held a sea urchin in your hand?  How about a sea cucumber or a baby lobster?  Visit our touch tank and our naturalists will help you safely interact with these creatures and more!

Skull & Bones Trail

View our collection of preserved animal artifacts and get an up-close look of some of the native animals found in the Bear Cut Preserve.