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Seagrass Adventure
Drag a net in the seagrass and who knows what you may come up with. There's sea life of all shapes and sizes living in the seagrass right outside our doors. From seahorse to sea urchin, pipefish to starfish, the variety of sea life is amazing. Your naturalist guide will identify each species, making sure everyone gets a good look-see before gently releasing the catch. These seagrass beds are a rich ecosystem. It's wading fun for the whole family, with netfulls of surprises. Wear closed toe shoes that can get wet and get ready for waist deep wading. Bring a change of clothes if riding home with a dry bottom is important to you.

Sea Grass Adventures for Groups:

Tours Daily for Groups of 10 to 100

$14 per person
You Must Make a Reservation by Calling 305-361-6767 x119

2017 - Saturday Scheduled Seagrass Adventures
Saturday, January 21, 10-1 pm
Saturday, February 11, 1-4 pm
Saturday, March 11, 12-3 pm
Saturday, April 8, 12-3 pm
Saturday, May 20, 11-2 pm
Saturday, June 1, 9-12 pm
Saturday, July 15, 1-4 pm
Saturday, August 19, 12-3 pm
Saturday, September 16, 12-3 pm
Saturday, October 14, 10-2 pm
Saturday, November 18, 1-4 pm
Saturday, December 16, 1-4 pm



Hammock Hike
Take a hike and discover secrets of a coastal hammock ecosystem. Explore the Bear Cut Preserve on foot with our naturalists and find yourself amazed by just what it takes to thrive and survive in this beautiful unspoiled environment. From the plants which were used for medicinal purposes by native peoples to the wild life that calls this environment home, this is an educational and entertaining walk for the whole family. You'll also learn why conservation of this delicate area is important. Don't forget comfortable shoes, and your camera! Since during the summer months mosquitoes are most hungry in the hammock, we will not be providing them with "lunch on the hoof" and just allow them to feast naturally until the fall. See you in September! (Sign up for beachcombing, a seagrass adventure, or the tidal pool exploration!)

$14 per person
Reservations 305-361-6767

Hammock Hike for Groups:
Tours Daily for Groups
of 10 to 100


Beach Babies
Are you looking for fun, educational, and nature-oriented activities for your pre-school or kindergarten class?  Introduce your little ones to the wonderful world of animals and plants in South Florida.  The Beach Babies program allows our youngest visitors to see, touch, and smell marine animals and plants in order to fully experience the environment.  Activities include a beach and hammock walk, art projects, exploration of our butterfly garden and a visit to our exhibit room with live animals from our seagrass beds.  This program is specifically designed to cater to a young audience and does not include going into the water. 

Call for reservations and further details.
305-361-6767 x119

Beach Babies for Groups:
Tours Daily for Groups
of 10 to 100


Fossil Reef Tidal Pool
Go back in time to the ANCIENT fossil reef. This unusual reef is completely unique to our area and quite a surprise at low tide. You'll explore the tidal life along this exposed reef as you wade along its boundaries and the adjoining mangrove forest. This treasure of the sea is so worth seeing and learning about, and our naturalists are just the people to give you the straight skinny on its delicate existence. The view of South Beach from this area is a bonus, a real contrast to the natural beauty of sand, sea, reef and mangroves around you. Very photo worthy! Of course, walks are done at low tide for maximum observation. This is a terrific walk & fresh air fun for the whole family. Don't forget your camera and sunscreen.

$14 per person
Reservations 305-361-6767 x119


Coastal Ecology
Can’t decide which field science program best fit your group? The Coastal Ecology program will provide your students with a broad background on all the ecosystems that exist within the Bear Cut Nature Preserve. Activities include a beach and hammock walk, butterfly exploration in our garden, insect discussion, and a visit to our exhibit room which houses the various animals in the seagrass beds of the Bear Cut Preserve. This program does not include going into the water, and is perfect for all ages.

$14 per person
Reservations 305-361-6767 x119


Programs for the Underserved, Inner-City and Minority Communities!

Patterns of Nature

“Patterns of Nature” is funded by the Department of Cultural Affairs, Youth Enrichments Program. The activities include a Seagrass Adventure, Hammock Walk and Butterfly Garden Tour.

The Seagrass Adventure gives students an introduction to the marine environment by exploring the seagrass beds shallows of the Bear Cut Preserve. Students will capture, study and release puffer fish ,crabs, sea horses, sea urchins, and many more marine creatures. Students drag D-frame nets through the beds for approximately 45 minutes. After collection, students return to the beach where the naturalist gives a detailed species description of each animal. Students are able to see each animal up close, touch it, if possible, and return it to its habitat.

The Hammock Hike takes the students through the various trails in the unique coastal marine hammock. An artistic lesson in how to look for the shapes and patterns of nature will be one of the beginning sessions before taking off for their explorations. Instruction on how to use a digital camera will also be taught. Students will observe native flora and fauna of South Florida, recording their observations with digital cameras.

Similar observation and recording will occur in the beautiful butterfly garden at the Nature Center. Students will observe the life cycle of the native Monarch, Sulfur and the rare Atala Butterfly.

Finally, students will use their observations and digital pictures to recreate the beauty of the natural environment through art. A professional art/music instructor will guide students to express their thoughts, inspirations and aspirations about the environment through art. Oil pastel drawings, collages from re-cycled materials, natural installations and sculptures will be made.

Exhibition receptions will be held to allow the students to share their artwork with family and friends.

Science Saturday

This program is designed to introduce low-income & disabled children, all ages, to the joys of exploring nature while exposing them to new educational and career opportunities.

The children will be picked up by bus from their home neighborhood and brought to the Nature Center to spend the day in the Bear Cut Preserve exploring nature and performing hands-on experiments in our Discovery Lab Classroom.

The “Science Saturday” program is a great opportunity for the inner-city community children. The children explore the world of science at the MSD Biscayne Nature Center through participating in our Seagrass Adventure program, trekking through the mangroves, visiting our fossilized reef, dissecting squid and participating in outdoor educational games.

The day begins at 9:30 when the school bus picks them up at their school or church. Lunch and all equipment such as life jackets, nets, buckets, sunscreen, bug repellant, microscopes, binoculars, and viewers, are provided.

The day is absolutely free of any costs to the participants. The children have a hands-on science experience that would not normally come their way. This program has been a real eye opener exposing marine and park career opportunities to them as well.


Participation Forms
To participate in any of our Programs, you will need to fill out an submit the following forms:

Chaperone Release Form - (Download PDF)
Student Permission & Release Form - (Download PDF)
Important Reminder for Teachers - (Download PDF)

To participate in any of our programs, please call 305 361-6767 x 119 to make a reservation. Programs are offered seven days a week.   

Teacher Testimonial

Dear Lainey,
Last week the children of St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic School were blessed to visit the Biscayne Nature Center on a field trip.
The children had so much fun and learned so much that I wanted to share the information with you.  I heard from many children that “This was the best field trip they have ever had.”  The chaperones that attended all told me how wonderful the field trip was and how knowledgeable the naturalists were.
Thank you so much for your time and attention to our students.  Please let the four leaders we had know that we truly appreciate the way they cared for our children and all the knowledge they shared with them.  We could not have asked for anything more.  You surpassed our expectations.
God willing, I look forward to taking next year’s sixth graders on the same field trip.
Eva Villena
St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic School

Kids Testimonials